Charvet Estates



Charvet Estates is a turn-key operation that gives clients the structure and opportunity to build the home of their dreams at affordable prices. Partnering up with Nathan Jones of Jones Builders Group provided a way for my creativity and designs to be translated into custom built high-end estates.


As the grandson of a passionate man who owned a steel company back in France, it was inspired on the manufacturing legacy and I realized that dream with Malibu Stone. I decided to open my own stone company a year ago because I knew how many hands quality stone went through before finding its place in a home. I was so in love with stone. I wanted to be able to service Jones Builders Group and our clients directly with quality product. All of our materials are ordered through Malibu Stone now and I am able to build homes at a better pricing instead of buying from multiple parties. Our clients are thrilled with our quotes and ability to deliver high-end quality within budget when comparison-shopping to other builders.